The Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce is a long standing not-for-profit entity serving the local business community of Shelter Island, New York.

Many of our activities and events are designed and used to attract tourism and visitors to Shelter Island for the benefit of the business community. In addition, we serve the following objectives:

Build the local economy

The Chamber plays an important role in the economic development of Shelter Island. Our efforts have improved the business climate, and we are aggressively looking at new opportunities to bring visibility and business growth to Shelter Island through vehicles like our new branding campaign “Shop the Rock”.

Rev up local business visibility

We publish an annual map and membership listing of which 30,000 copies will be distributed to prospective visitors and member customers. Also, we maintain a website that provides extensive information about Shelter Island to interested visitors, including places to eat, play, rest and shop.

Expand business networking

Chamber meetings and other co-sponsored events provide wonderful platforms to meet, network and build important business relationships.

Advocate for business

We are the only Shelter Island organization that advocates for the entire business community and works to maintain a healthy business climate. We urge our members to participate in creating a strong alliance with our town officials and government.

To download a copy of our By Laws click here