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  • 16 South Ferry Road
  • Shelter Island, NY, 11964
  • United States

Only two spaces left as of May 13, 2019!!
Sign up today at: https://www.shelterislandhistorical.org/timetravelers.html
Time Travelers is our week-long, half-day youth program for ages 6 to 12. Participants journey back in time to explore the story of Shelter Island through music, art, performance, crafts, gardening and games. The goal of this program is to help participants develop their artistic and creative abilities, while using primary sources and actual artifacts to learn about the community of Shelter Island. It is our hope this program will provide participants with an understanding of Shelter Island's history and uniqueness, the cultural aspects of different historic periods, their relationship to the past and how it influences the future, and the use of the arts as a means of personal expression and enjoyment.
Questions? Email: programs@shelterislandhistorical.org