• Shelter Island Library (map)
  • 37 North Ferry Road
  • Shelter Island, NY, 11964
  • United States

Melanie Coronetz grew up with pet dogs and cats.  She never dreamed that one day she would find herself in the show ring at Madison Square Garden.  It all started when she and her husband, Bruce Miller, decided to get a dog.  Since they lived in the city, Melanie wanted a small dog that she could transport to Shelter Island.  She researched several breeds and a Belgian breed, Schipperke, won out.  Island friends who bred Otterhounds saw the new puppy and encouraged her to show him.  Knowing little about the world of show dogs, Melanie set forth and through a series of steps and missteps found herself handling her Schipperke at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show.  Though she no longer shows, she is happy to talk about dog shows and demystify them.