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  • United States

Gail Staal and Tal Schwartz are twin healers who have spent a lifetime of personal and professional exploration on the shared love of twinship. They have lived and continue to experience numerous paralleled coincidences throughout life.  They are so grateful to be twins and have over the years, accumulated a great many tools for coping with and understanding this unique world.  Tal is a licensed acupuncturist and energy healer. Gail is a clinical social worker trained in trauma healing and interactive group work. Together, they share a love for the mystery and the magic and the challenges of what it means to be born with a person who shares the same DNA.  Some of these challenges are how to consciously raise twins, how to be married to twins, how to work out the dynamics affecting siblings and also how to be friends with twins.  Gail and Tal have been offering people a view of this complicated and wondrous world while helping them understand how best to approach having twins in one's life.