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  • 37 North Ferry Road
  • Shelter Island, NY, 11964
  • United States

New Program!  Philosophy is sometimes seen as a quaint and esoteric activity limited to college campuses.  But philosophy is really the quintessential human activity as we try to make sense of our confusing world. The New York Times publishes a regular column called The Stone, written by philosophers on a range of contemporary questions. These columns are available at the New York Times website and have recently been collected into a book, The Stone Reader.  This new group will read and discuss essays from The Stone, chosen by the participants, and we will explore how philosophy can help us think better if still differently about important issues we face today.  Discussion will be facilitated by Professor Wendy Turgeon. Email Jocelyn Ozolins for more information and to sign up:  jozolins@silibrary.org or 749-0042, Ext. 107.